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Electric Grinder


Structural steel fabricators closely work with designers, architects, shop workers, project managers, detailers, equipment operators, inspectors, and engineers to create steel structures for building reliable structures. Our metal fabricators at Division 5 fabricate structural steel components for various construction projects. We use advanced fabrication tools and equipment to create structures that comply with the equivalent standard requirement of different acceptable load dimensions along with the shape and size of structural steel required by code.

Architect at Construction Site

Construction Management

Every project is important, big or small, and every customer matters, old or new. So every project is treated with the highest degree of respect. Part of producing the best work means you can depend on who is in charge of managing it. You can be sure that here at Division 5,  all of our work is to the highest standard.

Construction site
Electrical Construction Plans
Electrical Construction Plans

Preconstruction Planning

At Division 5, we understand that doing the job right means doing it right the first time. With our goal to work closely with our customers and exceed their expectations, you can be sure that for us its not just about getting the job done. Every aspect of each project is carefully designed using the latest CNC equipment and welding and fabrications tools.

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